Residential Control Valves

Why sell the same valves as your competitors? We offer more than 20 models with 90 different options and over 1,000 configurations. That way, you have a valve that sets you apart - something unique to sell as you target specific customer needs.

Valve Bodies

Glass fiber reinforced Noryl® plastic or lead-free brass

Designed to ensure consistent, maximum flow through valve

Both engineered and tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use

Based on proprietary Piston-Seal-Spacer technology

Bypass Valves

Solid, lead-free brass, stainless steel or Noryl® plastic

Quick-connects to Fleck valve bodies for fast, easy installation

Simple, dependable operation for long life


Timers that control the regeneration cycle

Heavy duty electromechanical powerheads allow quick access to all internal parts

Electronic powerheads utilize push button programming

Simple to program and easy to service


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